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William Fulton To Join PFM As Senior Advisor

PFM Group Consulting LLC has announced that William Fulton will join the company’s growing community and economic development practice. A nationally recognized thought leader on cities, urban planning, and economic development, Fulton will join the practice as he steps down after eight years as the Director of Rice University’s Kinder Institute of Urban Research. He is a former mayor of Ventura, California, and director of planning & economic development for the City of San Diego.

“Bill is a major addition to the PFM Group Consulting team. As a scholar, he has worked with urban leaders on innovative policies and programs in community and economic development. As a practitioner, he knows first-hand what it means to run a mid-size city and lead planning for one of the nation’s largest cities,” said Michael Nadol, Managing Director and President of PFM Group Consulting.

Fulton will advise public sector leaders on economic development and community development policies, programs, and projects. He will work with team members on client engagements at the intersection of economics, fiscal policy, and budgets.

“I am excited to join PFM in this role. I know first-hand the extraordinary work PFM has done with Houston and with Harris County, Texas. More than just a group of consultants, PFM has become a national leader in developing and executing best practices with local leaders on issues from budgeting equity to criminal justice reform to tax policy,” said Fulton.

In addition to his capacity as a senior advisor, Fulton will spend the next year as a Fellow at the Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley and teaching at both the University of Texas Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs and Texas A&M College of Architecture.

About PFM Group Consulting LLC. PFM Group Consulting LLC works at the intersection of policy, operations, and budgeting to help solve our clients’ toughest problems with decades of experience in public sector management and budget issues. Our experienced consultants focus on the complex challenges faced by public sector leaders and deliver in-depth analysis and creative ideas that can truly make a difference.

PFM is the marketing name for a group of affiliate companies providing a range of services of which PFM Group Consulting LLC is a member. For more information regarding PFM’s services or entities, please visit For important disclosure information, please visit

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